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Track : *

Artist : Ratking

Album : So It Goes

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Hip-Hop experimental soty

* by Ratking from album So It Goes

Duration : 3 minutes & 57 seconds.

Listener : 17772 peoples.

Played : 68273 times and counting.

Graduated, what's next?
Everybody's asking
What college you going to? What you had planned?
We advanced got, our advance
Copped a couple amps
No we enhanced
Got a mans with a van that could drive us to our fans
To enchant
Those that ain't ready start to pant
Fall over those that were ready just could lamp
That's what separatea the lions from the lambs
That ain't a brand that's a band
Up in a room tryn'a jam
That's the raw, that's the God, that's the all, that's the fam
Ratking smack kings splat rats when they scram
Dead man, one man war, teen years dead bored to a snore
Remove ya strut to the door, stole ya senses, ain't using 'em for
Too fat to kill these hog's
Stained glass windows stainless stalls
Henry's half moon poured to the shores
Remove ya lips from a whore, remove ya hiss when I score
Remove ya I twist and I twirl
Replacing the track, constantly spit while you casually snap
Canta just kind of rap, fly or float when flat, we must all face facts
Saliva warm on wax, should we war get waxed
So you I'll like Jill did Jack, rub you raw like rash
Time that it takes you to crawl and to crash
Be beast with two backs, dick in ya scat
Black honey hips ya ass, and ya wished that it last
Had what ya had
Well I'm big and I'm bad
Too too bad, too too bad

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