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Track : Another's Lifetime

Artist : Steppenwolf

Album : Hour of the Wolf

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Another's Lifetime by Steppenwolf from album Hour of the Wolf

Duration : 4 minutes & 30 seconds.

Listener : 1823 peoples.

Played : 3947 times and counting.

What's the name
Of your latest companion
Do I know him
Have you told him what you told me
What's the course
Of your latest adventure
Does he track you, will he back you
Can he keep you free
There is more to life than dreaming
There is more to love than makin' it
There is more to you than meets the eye
What's the state
Of your new situation
Is he giving
Is he willing to let you be
What's the chance
For your new true confession
Does he make it, will he fake it
Can he really see
One way or another
We all lose a lover
Some live, some die
Some never learn to try
One love for another's lifetime
What's the price
Of your passing confusion
Have you sold out, can I hold out
Can I live that long
What's the dream
In the back of your memory
Can you say it, do you pray
Has your memory gone
One way or another
We all lose a lover
Some die, some live
Some never learn to give
One love for another's lifetime

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