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Track : Crane Your Neck

Artist : Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Album : Ripely Pine

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indie pop singer-songwriter acoustic female vocalist wilderness

Crane Your Neck by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper from album Ripely Pine

Duration : 6 minutes & 28 seconds.

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I pressed my ear against your back not even a week after we met
And I felt your heartbeat fall like raindrops in a bucket
I used to have a pretty nice spine but I neglected to give it a name
So each time I tried to straighten it, I couldn't get its attention
And I placed my palm upon your collarbone
and I wished to fall asleep deep in your marrow
As gently as a mouse curled up in a ball
as gently as a mouse until tomorrow
We ripped off all our clothes and this included all our jewelry
And we ran hand in hand back when you brought out the beast in me
The parts that are dormant, I wish to set them free
And in the clarity of this night I make myself believe I can sleep easily alone
But there's a hunger under my skin and its gripping at my bones
There's a hunger like a lion's and it's ripping right through my bones
So I push my limbs all forward like a tree does in a storm
And I walk across the kitchen and I lean against the window
I'm as calm as a baby lamb that is being led
I'm as blue as blood before the blood goes red
And how it hurts even in the sun
It's a goddamn joke how we can hurt even in the sun
For a heart beats the best in a bed beside the one that it loves
Yes, a heart beats the best when in a head, death becomes irrelevant
Cause if you're dreaming about dying, then you're not really living darling
You've gotta be starving, you've gotta be starving for it
And if you're crying by the moon, in the sun you better lift up that chin
Twist your hips
And crane your neck
Twist your hips
And bend your body back
You've gotta be starving, you've gotta be starving for it
You've gotta be starving, you've gotta be starving for it

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