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Track : Cusp of Eternity

Artist : Opeth

Album : Pale Communion

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Progressive metal Progressive rock homoerotic arabian sex soundtrack with guest vocalist satan al-qaeda metal metal

Cusp of Eternity by Opeth from album Pale Communion

Duration : 5 minutes & 36 seconds.

Listener : 66486 peoples.

Played : 417937 times and counting.

A child of autumn was born
Into a world of deceit and death
And a land of lies
A break of bonds would take her away
And install a sense of loss and eternal sorrow

She walks across the country
She holds her head up high in the rain
A mother is screaming for help
She turns around to stare
At a scene from her memory

She is hiding a wish in her heart
That flows through her blood always
And it's culled from a dream
That someone is waiting to say her name
And call her to his side at the cusp of eternity

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