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Track : Drink to Get Drunk

Artist : Sia

Album : Healing Is Difficult

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electronic chillout trip-hop female vocalists dance

Drink to Get Drunk by Sia from album Healing Is Difficult

Duration : 4 minutes & 41 seconds.

Listener : 46802 peoples.

Played : 144409 times and counting.

Eat food to satisfy my hunger
I drink water to quench my thirst
Use my mouth and air to blow balloon up
And prick with pin to watch it burst
To make noise I use my breathe
To unlock doors I use a key
When I'm looking for something I use my eyes
Use booze to unlock me

Sweep so I can sleep (x2)
Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep

Wear shoes so I can run
As to avoid the broken glass
Wear the pants because they suit me
And to discourage the pinchin' of ass
I'll tell a joke to make you laugh
I'll close the door to have a cry
They say that change and pain is a positive thing
Have I changed since you died

Sweep so I can sleep (x2)
Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep

Don't ask my why I smoke I don't know
But I drink to get drunk (x4)

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