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Track : Everything Is Burning

Artist : Ivan & Alyosha

Album : Fathers Be Kind

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Everything Is Burning by Ivan & Alyosha from album Fathers Be Kind

Duration : 5 minutes & 1 seconds.

Listener : 4734 peoples.

Played : 13629 times and counting.

Does your woman take your dreams,
Shine it up and give it some wings?
You have found a beautiful thing,
a beautiful thing.
Did your woman break your heart?
Didn’t know who you really are?
She’s the kind of girl who needs to drive
a brand-new car.
And there’s a bridge
That will cross sea.
There is a life you should be living;
Everything is burning.
Did she get inside your head,
All the stupid things that you’ve said?
She’s the only reason you get out of bed.
Beautiful and lovely is she:
Wouldn’t find one who would disagree.
Standing beside every decent man
there’s a better woman.
And as I live,
The less I’m feeling.
She brings me back among the living.
And I guess I am learning,
Everything is burning.
Why is it every time I come to California it’s on fire?
This is where we should fall in love:
There’s something in the water.
And as I live,
The less I feel –
Don’t know what’s fake or what is real –
And I guess I am learning,
Everything is burning,
everything is burning,
everything is burning.

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