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Track : Floyd the Barber

Artist : Nirvana

Album : Bleach

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Grunge rock alternative alternative rock Nirvana

Floyd the Barber by Nirvana from album Bleach

Duration : 2 minutes & 20 seconds.

Listener : 308663 peoples.

Played : 1361161 times and counting.

Bell door on clanks, come on in
Floyd observes my hairy chin
Sit down chair don't be afraid
Steamed hot towel on my face
I was shaved
I was shaved
I was shaved
Barney ties me to the chair
I can't see I'm really scared
Floyd breathes hard I hear a zip
Pee pee pressed against my lips
I was shaved
I was shaved
I was shaved
I sense others in the room
Opey, Aunt Bea, I presume
They take turns and cut me up
I died smothered in Andy's clutch
I was shamed
I was shamed
I was shamed

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