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Track : For Kate I Wait

Artist : Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

Album : The Doldrums

Lo-Fi indie experimental New Weird America for kate i wait

For Kate I Wait by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti from album The Doldrums

Duration : 4 minutes & 22 seconds.

Listener : 37628 peoples.

Played : 174934 times and counting.

For Kate I Wait
wait wait,
i wait for Kate
no she's never coming back to you
i wait i wait for kate i wait
demonstrate for kate we made
i cannot love you
met one straight await the take
no i'm a need you
no she's never gonna date you
i wait i wait i wait for kate
no she's never gonna love you
i wait and wait but kate's so late
no, no
pda, the day today
i never made bones to fade
wait wait i wait for kate
i wait i wait but kate's so late
no, never have i loved you
she's never gonna return to you
gather at sundown
she lives out at her town
cre creep creep creep for the first time
demonstrate my kate we mate
met on straight await the take
kathy i'm waiting!
for you
kathy i love you
i'm waiting
i'm waiting
i'm in love
i love you
kathy i'm waiting

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