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Track : Goodness Gracious

Artist : Ellie Goulding

Album : Halcyon Days

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Goodness Gracious by Ellie Goulding from album Halcyon Days

Duration : 3 minutes & 47 seconds.

Listener : 101238 peoples.

Played : 860243 times and counting.

I lost the signal and put you away
Swore upon the sun I'd save you for a rainy day
Loosen the noose then let go of the rope
I know if it's never coming back, it has to go

I keep calling your name (Keep calling your name)
I wanna hold you close but I never wanna feel ashamed
So I keep calling at night (Keep calling at night)
I wanna hold you close, I just never wanna hold you tight

Goodness gracious I can't seem to stop
Calling it off
Calling it off just to keep crawling to your arms

I've found the weakness and put it to play
Swore upon the stars I'd keep you till the night was day
Shake my head dizzy so I'll never know
You said if you're never coming back you have to go

Oh my goodness, here I go again
Pulling you back to me
Pulling you back into my arms so selfishly
I don't think I understand, 'cause I don't really know myself
I keep calling you up, calling you up
Calling you up
Calling you up
Calling you up
(So, I can call)

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