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Track : Hot Dreams

Artist : Timber Timbre

Album : Hot Dreams

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fip indie folk slow indie folk

Hot Dreams by Timber Timbre from album Hot Dreams

Duration : 4 minutes & 53 seconds.

Listener : 81524 peoples.

Played : 344035 times and counting.

I wanna dance, I wanna dance
I wanna dance with a black woman

I wanna still, I wanna still
I wanna still my mind

And I wanna chance, I wanna chance
I want another chance

To distill
To distill that time

And I wanna write, I wanna write
I wanna write to someone so true

I wanna wake, I wanna wake
I wanna wake from hot dreams
Hot dreams of you
Oh hot dreams

I wanna rise, I wanna rise
I wanna rise up beside you

I want to be, I want to be
I want to be a champion in your eyes

And I wanna follow through, follow through
On all my promises and threats to you babe

Hot streams, hot streams
Will fork and divide, fork and divide

I wanna take, I wanna take
I wanna take, take all of your air

I wanna find, I wanna find
I wanna find another day dream, another nightmare

I wanna lie, I wanna lie
I wanna lie, lie me down in your stream

I wanna wake, I wanna wake
I wanna wake from hot dreams

I wanna wake from hot dreams of you babe

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