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Track : I'm the Shit

Artist : Yelawolf

Album : Ball Of Flames: The Ballad Of Slick Rick E. Bobby

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I'm the Shit by Yelawolf from album Ball Of Flames: The Ballad Of Slick Rick E. Bobby

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Ain't you ever heard'a my boy
He say he the shit
Best believe that shit too maine
Run all up and down your ass with that
If you bounce and you throwed
And you know who got the deal
If your mouth is all gold
And you know who got the grills
I'm The Shit (No way)
I'm The Shit
Oh my Lord the south done birthed another Bay Bay Kid
Out the woods I come in scoring with a Peg Leg kick
Over the head and threw the net (net)
Pass the goalie with this rock (rock)
That's a point for the home team
You can't hold me, I won't stop
All my Billy's grinding throw your chewing backer up!
Pop your members only collar Dixie mafia!
Yeah we twerk, yeah we work (work)
And we'll give your girl a squirt
We got hats, we got shirts
Rock that shit and go bizzerk!
Internet connection via satellite, on Myspace
24 hours a day, I'm pimping out my rhyme page
I'm certified, my prescription ain't filled out though
I keep some kicks on my feet that killers would kill fo'
I could kick your face and keep my shoe laces clean
Gotta plate full of stew
A couple of home brew
I'm leaning left looking for walls to hold on to
I'm cleaner this year (year)
Windows gleaming and clear (clear)
1987 'Stang is pulling up in your rear (WhoA!)
Headlights on this, blinding your vision ho
You can't see me cause I'm stunting ridding in your whip I stole
I'm on the scene (scene)
They rolling tape (They rolling tape)
It's looking good (I'm looking good)
I'm feeling great (I'm feeling great)
That's my people watch your mouth or I might peel your grape
With this number 2, I conceal in my bass (Aye)
Rick: WOO! Alright man! We did it!
Lucius: I- I don't wanna be raining on your parade,(Yeah) but I gotta tell you, that was some of the dumbest driving I ever seen in my life. (Thank You) I know you won the race but you're not gonna live forever
Rick: I'm not stupid Lucius. No one lives forever, No one. But uh, advances in modern science and my high level income. I mean it's not crazy to think I can't live to be 245, maybe 300

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