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Track : Mef's Lament

Artist : Open Mike Eagle

Album : Sir Rockabye

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Mef's Lament by Open Mike Eagle from album Sir Rockabye

Duration : 4 minutes & 34 seconds.

Listener : 105 peoples.

Played : 420 times and counting.

You think you know everything
You keep talking cause you think you know everything
You say whatever cause your world's non threatening
It's so reckless, this life is so precious
And you smite folks who walk through life with no weapons
You like to cut them cause it's evil to the peaceful
The type of person that don't see yourself as people
A two-bit scholar serving venom by the teaspoon
Acting on the pain that you've carried since preschool
Your sunglass hut is see through
And you fling it open every time you talk
Time tryna tell me what you feel like, so
Cause every day a couple hundred people ask you what you feel like, so
But nobody but your mama give a fuck 'bout what you feel like, so
Stop wasting all my time tryna tell me what you feel like so
You don't know me, and you don't know my style
It's all there, every thing
That you ever said, it's all bare, everything
Butt naked, vitri-all day every day
And we deciphered it, it all says pepper spray
And we was coughing, choking all day yesterday
Cause you been chasing after fog gray escalades
Since Janet Jackson in a bra sang Escapade
You break your ankles trying to run with the super hip
Brain full of folly and a tongue full of stupid shit
In a couple spins you won't know what to do with it
Looking back, who was this reputation ruiner
That coincided when an instance of you occur
Cause you was all big balls full of super sperm
Thought the world should nurture only shit that you prefer
Judge, jury, and a guilty executioner

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