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Track : No Shows

Artist : Gerard Way

Album : Hesitant Alien

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rock alternative alternative rock best of 2014 new wave

No Shows by Gerard Way from album Hesitant Alien

Duration : 4 minutes & 12 seconds.

Listener : 41959 peoples.

Played : 210290 times and counting.

Been weeks I been living
And your smiles are giving me all types of treble
Weak knees I been given
And those nights are making me starstruck and metal

Stay free, don't go
Cause we don't need no

Try to be living as your vice
And can you be my type?
'Cause we need to be given a good life
And can I be your type of metal?

Stay free, don't go
'Cause we don't need no shows
We don't need no shows
We don't need no shows

Pay for the devil, a plug to a pedal
I'm your type
Weak knees from the level, I'm sick from the treble
I'm your type of metal

Weak knees don’'t go
'Cause we don't need no shows

She's sweet as battery, man I got nothing
You kiss an enemy's hands, I got nothing
We got an animal band and that's something
It's not love if it's just fucking

We don't need no shows

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