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Track : Not the Sun

Artist : Brand New

Album : The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

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alternative rock emo indie indie rock

Not the Sun by Brand New from album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Duration : 3 minutes & 9 seconds.

Listener : 231262 peoples.

Played : 1994403 times and counting.

Please don't be technology
So I can turn off your love like some cold machine
Don't feed me scraps from your bed
I won't be the stray coming back just to be fed

Don't be waves
Come to seal my fate, marine
Just pretend
That you want me

Would you be my bait?
Be my

Well don't be that note I can't hold
Well don't be that joke that I told and told 'til it got old
Don't be that hand 'round my throat so I can't breathe
(so I can't breathe)
Say you're my friend but why won't you be my family?

And if you break
Just don't tell me

Would you be my bait?

(Yeah we were solving it
Yeah we got that scene
No hand to hold arms
Won't do, I'm smart
Why don't you want me?
I'm with the enemy that came and tied my veins)

Could you be my dream (Smell me now)
Tell me you know what I mean (Prove me wrong)
You set on me but you are not the sun,
You are not the sun.
(Now that I know what I am)

I'm outside and growing roots again (Put it down)
You set on me but you are not the sun (I'll come around)
You are not the sun

Just pretend that you love me

And be my bait
Would you be my bait?
So be my

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