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Track : Old Wore Out Cowboy

Artist : Ed Bruce

Album : Cowboys & Dreamers

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Old Wore Out Cowboy by Ed Bruce from album Cowboys & Dreamers

Duration : 3 minutes & 33 seconds.

Listener : 106 peoples.

Played : 560 times and counting.

There must be someplace for old wore out cowboys
and broken down pickers and dreamers like me
Where the queue sticks are straight and the beer's always cold
and the juke box is playing Hank williams for free
I've worked in pool rooms and bar rooms and bed rooms
fron cheyenne to memphis there aint nothin new
hot bodied young cowgirls, too many state fair bulls
I've rode em all till I'm busted and bruised


now i picked my guitar till my fingers blistered
bleedin and sweating and staining my jeans
They tried to whip me but more didnt than did
Im proud of my dues and god has six strings


And they'll never stay home and theis always alone even with someone they love

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