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Track : Pig

Artist : Weezer

Album : Weezer (Red Album) [Deluxe Edition]

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Pig by Weezer from album Weezer (Red Album) [Deluxe Edition]

Duration : 4 minutes & 2 seconds.

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When I was a baby
I was so happy
I played
With my friends
In the mud
Wilbur and Jack
and Otis and Beaty
We were a gang
You gotta
Believe me

Momma would scold us
If we got too rough
She didn't care
She was proud of us
I ran around
And talked
To the animals
Tellin' them stories
Of savage cannibals

Then I got older
And noticed a girl
First I was sure
I didn't exist to her
I sulked around
But I didn't know why
Then she put her cheek
On my shoulder and I
Was lookin' at her and
She was lookin at me
We started to smile
It was our destiny
Tina was her name
She was my cutie pie
I forgot about the things
That I used to like

I spent all my time
Followin' her around
My friends all made
The whiplash sound
They understood
They was happy
For me
And everyone clapped
When I asked her
To marry me

And she said yes
And we felt so fine
We lost track
Of the passin' of time
Before I knew it
We had our own babies
Gina and Sannon and Katie and Gabe

But now
I've got to die
I've lived a good life
I've got no complaints

I'd like to thank
Farmer Pete
For bringing me scraps
Of food that I could eat
He always had
A smile on his face
He didn't want
To think of this day

It's finally here
It's finally here
Oh, oh, oh
They called me pig
They called me pig

When I was a baby
I was so happy
I played
With my friends
In the mud

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