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Track : Rep Your Hood

Artist : Deez Nuts

Album : Rep Your Hood

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hardcore australian shit rapcore oldschool hxc

Rep Your Hood by Deez Nuts from album Rep Your Hood

Duration : 3 minutes & 16 seconds.

Listener : 18880 peoples.

Played : 123569 times and counting.

It's a cold fuckin world getting worse everyday
We gotta make this money we gott get paid
No matter how hard times get
I always know where i'm from, I fuckin love where i'm at
No matter how you're livin, this is the life you've been given
You gotta hustle for yours until your pockets get fat
You gotta know where you're from
You gotta love where you're at

Pour some liquor out for the ones we've lost.
But the ones that survive, always keep by your side
Til the day that you die
Keep your fist in the sky

My friends have always got my back when we walk these streets
So i keep them close to my heart like a Jacob Piece
We'll be down till the day we're dead in the ground
We're the kings of this shit.
You cant touch this crown

From the dirty fuckin south
To the wild fuckin west
You gotta hold you and yours down
Who gives a fuck about the rest

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