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Track : Sometimes

Artist : Heems

Album : Unknown

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Sometimes by Heems from album Unknown

Duration : 4 minutes & 1 seconds.

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Sometimes I got game
Sometimes I'm mad shy
Sometimes I'm mad lame
Sometimes I'm mad fly
Sometimes I'm so fly in the bay I'm hella fly
Sometimes I'll get fried and it'll be televised
Damn cuz everybody love you when your jam bust
Hit you on the phone, they be like, "let's jam, bruv"
Yayo on the black tee, homie, no dandruff
Two weeks later, you broke and taking the damn bus
But when your paper high, people stay around
Listen mad intently when you make the sound
Tell you that it's all love, they care about the browns
The truth is when you down, they be out making the rounds
Like, brown boy, brown boy, what's up with that sound, boy?
Why, "Boom bye-bye"? They just getting down boy
Something like Akbar, I should wear a crown boy
The shit, I admit, but I'm not a fucking clown boy

Sometimes, sometimes... (repeated)

Sometimes I'm 'bout chicks
Sometimes it's politics
Sometimes I like 'em thick
Sometimes I like 'em fit
Sometimes I need a hit
Sometimes I need to get
A little something heavy to deal with all this shit

Get low
Now I'm in the corner of the pub
No old friends, no new friends, love
Made enough friends, like I play in The Wrens
Made enough friends, ain't no room in the Benz

Get hype
Boy, I be rhyming like bust
Trust the rap shit, this be nothing to us
Pass the Courvoisier, baby just jump
Yeah I got that water like a camel, riding in the hump

Get low
Now I'm fucking sad again
Bruh, need another drink or I be going mad again
Mad about you when I'm on my hellin' Helen Hunt
But I'm in the corner and I'm smoking on this, on this blunt

Get hype
Girl, you don't know 'em like me
So New York but so hyphy
So fancy but so white tee
If you got a motherfucking problem bite me

Get high
Why not? Life is pie
It's easy-peasy when you're this guy
Being sad in the club, weird when you're this fly
So I think I'm going where I seen the fish fly

Sometimes it's nice and smooth
Sometimes it's bust and bust
Sometimes I'm mad calm
Sometimes I'm hella rough
Sometimes I tell the truth
And others I gotta bluff
Sometimes I hate compliments, they make me blush
Sometimes I'm like this
Sometimes I'm like that
Sometimes I'm pretty thin
Sometimes I'm pretty fat
Sometimes I'm over here
Sometimes I'm over there
Sometimes I care a lot
Usually, I don't even care

Sometimes, sometimes... (repeated)

Sometimes I'm pacifist
Sometimes I pass the fist
Sometimes I stay sober
Sometimes it's "pass the fifth"
Sometimes I'm hustling
Sometimes I'm macking it
Sometimes I got the shit
Sometimes I'm lacking it

Get low
Man, there be too much vanity
How to live life when my life all dualities
This is how I live it man, this is my reality
Always confused, I could use more clarity

Clarity, clarity, clarity, clarity... (repeated)

Sometimes I write hard
Sometimes I'm mad lazy
I just repeat words like "clarity", fucking crazy
Still get paid the same as, um, when they pay me
And take the money home, spend it on my sister's baby
Sometimes they like me
And others, they really don't
I'm too white, I'm too black, I ride wave like boat
I can write, I do rap, I should care but won't
I'm too rock, I'm too rap, I won't change, I'm dope

Sometimes, sometimes... (repeated)

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