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Track : Somewhere, Nowhere USA

Artist : Chance the Rapper

Album : Good Enough

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Somewhere, Nowhere USA by Chance the Rapper from album Good Enough

Duration : 3 minutes & 39 seconds.

Listener : 726 peoples.

Played : 2984 times and counting.

I'm in the middle of nowhere, nowhere, nowhere
And I'm just looking for somewhere, somewhere, somewhere
Yeah you like how I did my own echo
'cause no one else could do me but me 'cause I'm the best though
I'm a bag of kush, you're bag the regno
And I've been this way from the get-go, get low
Stacking me for hammers like icon
For?? name replace me with money and some background techno
So anyway I won't take with kids just to let go
And now you're still playing on the block?? lego
Difference between us, lions and genetic, make up
Ask why chronology, body mask make-up,
all night I sleep, all night you stay up
afraid of nightmares, I'm afraid to wake-up
and I tell my grandma I love her every time I see her
'cause I'm afraid tomorrow that I might not be here
'cause sometimes my wrist?? us and will whisper to the other side of wisdom
Just above the sip of the world, the stars . build in
Fall on the tracks and man that you tripped them
I sleep up, popped in those blamin' was a mix up
Or a box into before, could've swore that the rats when you fall, damn chance
You could've died if you popped anymore
They just want more, could've let me go in,
Make me guy and tender for . grow here
Then . keep spacing off, . he afraid of somewhere
I'm convincing nowhere
Somewhere nowhere USA
Ey ey ey ey ey
Somewhere nowhere USA
Ey ey ey ey ey
Somewhere nowhere
You can go from somewhere to nowhere
'bout try leave from molly
Mexican to molly's on the border I mean line between crazy and the present
Maybe I'm distressed 'cause my dams are not undressed
And in night in shining armor searching for?? like
Blame the game of operation for Parkinsons
You touch the walls and you fell shocked
'cause when you touch the walls you fell box
Nowhere is vast, and somewhere .
And my dreams need room and stretch out legs
And nigga run around from miles,
But it's money?? will leave more . and the . itself
I feel my sanity is picking all my fantasies
And reality is full and out the man .
But drive, you give a shit about your asta
You just keep em in the ass, and tell you to run faster
And some . passes, till our last see me pass,
And let em tell I'm here, anything I ask em
Gotta give you wings but you stop being the bastard
I guess I wrote em nowhere, ohh
Ey ey ey ey ey
Somewhere nowhere USA
Ey ey ey ey ey
Somewhere nowhere USA
Ey ey ey ey ey
Somewhere nowhere

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