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Track : Split Pants in Detroit (Or Hyrule)

Artist : Open Mike Eagle

Album : A Special Episode - EP

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Split Pants in Detroit (Or Hyrule) by Open Mike Eagle from album A Special Episode - EP

Duration : 1 minutes & 20 seconds.

Listener : 10444 peoples.

Played : 39397 times and counting.

This one goes out to all the homies. I got a lot of homies. This one in particular uhh, it goes out…
Goes out to my man Grant
He said I like beats that sound like Zelda towns
I didn't get it when he said it but I felt it now
And if they melted down the guns I wouldn't be afraid
To samurai fight in the streets like Bushido Blade
I prefer games to movies some evenings
I can listen to Neil Young and Sufjan Stevens
This is the age of Adz eternal living
It's like damn, him and dave collab
I'm on the plane, when it lands imma take a cab
I never listened to The Kinks or The Beta Band
And punch bowls I think about drinking with a ladle hand
I split my only pair of pants at sound check
Out of town, luckily nobody was around yet
I went to Target with my thighs and my privates out
Nobody even noticed made them focus on my eyes and mouth
A unique personal embarrassment
I wonder if its better to have somebody to share it with
Probably not
Please define polyglot
My favorite Jay Electronica song is Trolley Stop
In a little while from now if I'm not feeling any less down
I promise myself I'll pack my bags and visit a nearby town

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