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Track : T.H.M.

Artist : Deerhunter

Album : Monomania

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indie rock indie rock pop rock fip

T.H.M. by Deerhunter from album Monomania

Duration : 4 minutes & 19 seconds.

Listener : 59147 peoples.

Played : 276278 times and counting.

I tried to keep him straight
Ever since the day he was born
He came out a little late
Maybe that's where frustration's born

My head was like a wound
When they called me and said
"It's happened much too soon"
Took two bullets to the brain
My kid brother
He was insane

Was insane

When you find a way
Call and tell me
When the time's erased
I had no cause to be awake
The phone rang it was three AM
Oh, it was T.H.M.
Where is T.H.M.?

Ever since I was born
I have felt so forlorn
I always knew this day would come
Hey, you lose
And you win some


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