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Track : Taijin Kyofusho

Artist : The Evpatoria Report

Album : Golevka

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post-rock instrumental experimental atmospheric post rock

Taijin Kyofusho by The Evpatoria Report from album Golevka

Duration : 11 minutes & 0 seconds.

Listener : 60976 peoples.

Played : 364001 times and counting.

PLT (Willie McCool): OK Houston, we're gonna start APUs 1 and 3 now.
CAPCOM (Charlie Hobaugh): And Willie, we're with you on remaining APU start.
CAPCOM: And Columbia, the Hyd Fluid Thermal Conditioning will not be required today... we'll meet you on the cards
PLT: We copy Houston, Hyd Fluid Thermal Conditioning not required and we copy going to the cards.
CAPCOM: And Rick, don't wanna lead you astray, and don't forget the stuff on page 3-44 .
CDR (Rick Husband): Alright we're checking that, we got the flight controller power on and we're working through the rest of it as well, thanks.
CAPCOM: Sounds good.
CAPCOM: Columbia, Houston, for Rick we'll take another ITEM 27 please
CAPCOM: Columbia, Houston, comm check.
CAPCOM: Columbia, Houston, UHF comm check...

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