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Track : The Family

Artist : Ed Bruce

Album : Cowboys & Dreamers

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The Family by Ed Bruce from album Cowboys & Dreamers

Duration : 2 minutes & 52 seconds.

Listener : 86 peoples.

Played : 415 times and counting.

Weevils took to cotton and cows all took too dry
What the varmints left behind the sun took up to die
Trouble took to daddy like dew drops take to night
Lonely took to mama when daddy took to wine

And I took the train out of there
I told the engineer I don't believe there's nowhere handy
Heaven help the ties that bind the family

Sister took to walking, brother took to testifying
Mama took to moaning and I took up with crying
Hatred took the nighttime
And the government took the day
What the hens refused to do
The good sister learned for pay

And I took the train out of there.....

Fever took to daddy, daddy took to gone
Sister took to black real nice
And mama cried alone
Brother took up preaching and the bank man took the farm
The state came and took mama away
So she can't do no harm

And I took the train out of there.....

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