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Track : The Wind Breezes On

Artist : Marnie

Album : Crystal World

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synthpop electronic electronica female vocalist ladytron

The Wind Breezes On by Marnie from album Crystal World

Duration : 3 minutes & 58 seconds.

Listener : 4509 peoples.

Played : 25345 times and counting.

Well I got a secret
He told me it was sacred
Kick off your shoes and lay back
Today's not the day to show the cracks
Lift your head up, hold it now
Remember what the others say
Fear of the future's much too loud
What's there for you won't go running away

The wind breezes on
Like thoughts I can't rely on
The birds sing their song
While I figure out where I went wrong

I heard the others say
And watched them with their worry
Then turned and walked away
The wind it breezes on
I'll hold my breath so tightly
And run till it's OK.

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