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Track : Baby Beating Heart

Artist : R/R Coseboom

Album : Beneath Trembling Lanterns

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Baby Beating Heart by R/R Coseboom from album Beneath Trembling Lanterns

Duration : 3 minutes & 55 seconds.

Listener : 4435 peoples.

Played : 9480 times and counting.

You're a lazy cloud
Baby Beating Heart
You're lying on the ground
You were crucified
On a copper cross
My world was just too small for you
It seems I've grieved a lot lately
But for you not one tear I've cried
You were never reality for me
More of an intellectual exercise

Though the door was never open
You found your way in anyway
You are an end with no beginning
You are a night without the day
Poor you!
And though it's true that there was no connection
The weight bears down on me just the same
It has all been removed from my hands
It has all been removed from me
How can your will be so much stronger,

When you are just a lazy cloud?
Oh, Baby Beating Heart, remember:

I never knew you.

It was a failure on my part, I never knew you

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