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Track : Big Truck

Artist : Coal Chamber

Album : Coal Chamber

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Nu Metal metal rock Nu-metal heavy metal

Big Truck by Coal Chamber from album Coal Chamber

Duration : 3 minutes & 31 seconds.

Listener : 82747 peoples.

Played : 245040 times and counting.

-("Bitch"... "Drive"... "with me"...)-
...Big truck!

[Verse 1]:
Too small, too small, don't compromise
So have fast, too fast, don't realize...
Have hand on wheel, set the sights
Drive with me

Too fast, too fast, don't realize
So have fast, too fast, don't recognize

Moving - Motion (x4)
Said, "Move!" - Said, "Move it!"

-Somebody better come 'n drive-
-Somebody better fuckin' drive-
-Somebody better fuckin' drive me- (x2)
...Big truck!

[Verse 1] / [Pre-Chorus] (repeat both)
...[Chorus] ...Big truck! (x8)

Ain't no grave gonna hold my body down
Ain't no grave gonna hold,
Hold my body - Hold my body
...Big truck! (x7)

[Chorus] ...Big truck! (x4)
...Big truck, come on (x4) ...Big truck!

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