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Track : Good As Gone

Artist : Dilated Peoples

Album : Directors of Photography

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Hip-Hop hip hop rap underground hip hop West Coast Rap

Good As Gone by Dilated Peoples from album Directors of Photography

Duration : 3 minutes & 45 seconds.

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[Intro: DJ Premier]
Dilated -- Peoples
DJ - Premier on the beat - ah! ah! ah! ah!
DJ Babu on the cut!

{DJ Babu cuts and scratches}
"You know the saga, who liver" <- AZ
"Sacrifice my life, but I won't give in"
"That's why I'm driven" "To bless you with the God-given"
"See with your eyes dilated for the sake of the Gs'" <- Joey Bada$$

[Rakaa Iriscience]
Uh, uh... I was gettin buried alive
Heard the dirt hit the coffin top, I barely survived
But I broke through my grave, ripped the pine box cell apart
Head first yellin +Maggot Brain+, Funkadelic art
+Dare Iz a Darkside+, Fair-weather friends flock
Hitchcock, same +Birds+ scatter when the ends stop
A couple let their guards down, figured it was done for certain
Talkin 'bout, "NEXT~! Time to pull the plug and close the curtains"
Eyes wide, bugged like "Holy leaping Lazarus!
I thought that y'all were-" - "Nevermind..."
Material still hazardous, Haz-Mat, clutching their chests like asthmatics
From mathematics, a natural dash of Black Magic
Salute to new voices flexing power advancing
The balance of modern branding versus classic sound clashing
Took heavy fire survived the crash landing
Smiled, then walked away from the wreckage, the last standing

[Chorus: Rakaa] {DJ Babu cuts and scratches}
They thought that it was gone for good
They figured it was good as gone {"Good as gone, good as gone..."}
They thought that it was gone for good
They figured it was good as gone
{"You know the saga, who liver" <- AZ}
{"Sacrifice my life, but I won't give in"}
They thought that it was gone for good
{"See with your eyes dilated for the sake of the Gs'" <- Joey Bada$$}

Devise a plan, then I execute it 'til I'm undisputed
If the record never stated, I've been showing most improvement
At time when my peers declined, I used it as a booster
Used the dedication as a plus, I ain't used to losers
Rock the rare loops from the safe then I change the combination
Then I set the pace, settled down and laid the conversation
Drew an outline that made me think that this a new beginning
But kept an older frame of mind when I been sprayin all the fill-ins
So God bless us, cut from different cloths and different textures
Different walks of life, some act, some are directors
Some are extras and those ain't easy to find
And I ain't easily defined - What's fame? A thin line
I been thinking, walking over the edge but keep blinking
Taking two steps back to my zone for no reason
Call it comfort, and that is not the best for my art
Not the best way to end and not the best way to start
Good as gone


[Evidence] (Rakaa)
I was out of mind and sight
Dark clouds all around me, tryin to find the light
I took flight with the dot dot, legs dangling
cliffhanging, never dock in my spot
(I stand by what I say cause I'm easy to find)
Dates posted every day of the year in bold lines
The more that I roam, the more that I'm free
The more I'm in Rome, the more that I'm me
The more I'm at home, the more that it's stressed
The moral is we be touring it best
I'm not the same old run of the mill
Who keeps running until the feet tell him put the runners to rest

[Rakaa Iriscience] (Evidence)
I've seen the last come first (I've seen the first last)
Double majored in life (Some of the worst passed)
Back to school, learning the secrets that the earth has
Sat in coach and studied business before my first class


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