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Track : Happiness ('s Unit of Measurement)

Artist : Busdriver

Album : Fear Of A Black Tangent

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Happiness ('s Unit of Measurement) by Busdriver from album Fear Of A Black Tangent

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Hit the switch, the DJ plays the fine dish and adjusts the high-pitch level
Hint to miss, hand your girl the wine list, she smells of hibiscus pedals
Whiff the grit, I show up with my rhyme clique, not in designer fit dress codes
Get a wince, and they think we're timeless and starting singing along to our pirated down loads
Admit the shit, I've never really been that social, most the times I'm disheveled
Is this it?, since it's Fear of a Black Tangent, do I got to call white kids devils?
It's the pits, or do I got to say nature's ovaries are bleeding at a poetry reading
The kids are pissed, because the thoughts of an underground rap guy don't really go that way
The kids are pissed, I think the mainstream vs. independent argument is so passé
Pick my disc, thanks to my 10 stack-high cd duper, I'm an uneasy sleeper
Get this, but a pacified TV viewer, read about me in a weekly reader
Fix the myth, and he said I'm a hip-hop treaty breacher with my vivid tales
I spend less time alienating my audience then I do trying to solicit sales
So lick the dick, because the scene is more than bitches, brew, and stinky reefer
It's a trip, all the pee-wee leaguers kiss rings on our pinky fingers
We spit the hits, but why? I am meaningless product on a crowded shelf
A shout for help, I simmer in my dilapidated glee
Oh get an account with a popular hip-hop crew, pay the activation fee
And buy a shirt, a hat, a pair of underwear, cuz that's your favorite emcee
And I'm a spacey shoegazer who stares at Pluto, but I'll be a jiggy jigaboo
Who goes through laser hair removal if it means that I could pay my rent and other bills
I've got a point system that determines my happiness
Its unit of measurement is your interest in my crappy shit
Because I'm not dope, I'm not fresh, ideas are overshot and undersung
What a dumb verse that is, I'm definitely not number one
A verse drowning deep within my flooded lung
A song dying deep in a pit of my blood and cum
The kids don't want to listen, they just want to have some fucking fun
Fit the niche, a Hollywood entertainer will take a Xanax like a chewing gum
Hit and miss, they're in outlandish debt and their planned text is crude and dumb
A business risk, you know having a quality end product should be the rule of thumb
Fix the shit, but it's obvious the culture's been raped, it lies in a pool of cum
Quit your shift, so I'm up early working while you're squatting in Pilates class
Listening to Morning Becomes Eclectic and nodding to Johnny Cash
A nigga's pissed, but I don't have the same reservations that a closet Nazi has
But I'm as angst-ridden on Thanksgiving as you are
When your favorite rapper gets dissed on an opinion-based site
You're a hippie who don't know what chicken tastes like
Telling me who to pattern my career after and who I'm sounding like
Hey why don't take your self-absorbed ass and hop on your mountain bike
And go start a cipher at your parent's summer home on the veranda
Because you bite about 20 styles per stanza, but who cares
Because I'm frustrated, my records don't sell, and I can't seem to book a decent gig
And my indie label is understaffed, and these midi cables won't connect the drum pads
To the PA system, and my deejay's missing, and I'm barely able to feed my kid
And I hate my pad, I don't want to visit, I need to put new brake pads on my Honda Civic
I need an office visit from a known producer to do a remix
But it's hard to recoup when he's paid
And I'm starting to shoot my screenplay on Martin Luther King Day
So I'm basically over budget and quite screwed

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