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Track : Little Math You

Artist : Atmosphere

Album : Strictly Leakage

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rap underground rap summer loved Minneapolis

Little Math You by Atmosphere from album Strictly Leakage

Duration : 2 minutes & 49 seconds.

Listener : 13966 peoples.

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Oh they don't know nothing about no hip-hop
Look at 'em, look at 'em man
Little suburban fucks
What the fuck you doin at yo shows homie

Don't listen to 'em mattew do your thing

Little matthew 15 suburban and it ain't shit if I ain't the cursing version
With the sticker on the front to piss off his dad
Just tell that bitch to get off the rag

Little matthew form the burbs got to hear it
It's like the only thing that puts the nerve in his spirit
Go ahead and make some rukus for the hell of it and yell it on the streets of that monatonus development
You telling me that this ain't for him right
How many ya'll mother fuckers get an invite
Give him access and let matthew here ya
Wait a half a year and he'll be rapping in that mirrior
And when he does check him on his loyalty
Was peace when he just played a piece of the royalties
Love is love if that's what yo give
I could give a fuck where you grew up or where you live it goes

Oh oh you a star now huh
You large now you too large to talk
Don't forget I used to give you free refills mother fucker

Forget snitchin mother fucker stop bitchin
If you afraid of rats get the fuck out the kitchen
They only come out when you cookin up a mess and I'm supposed to be impressed by your bulletproof vest
That comeback gunpaking tough act thug chapter bout as entertaining as a bug zapper
Fuck that
Add up all the stories in your raps and subtract each on that isnt really from your past
Take the remainder multiply with how many time in your life you though that you was gonna
Die divide that sum with the out come of how many kids you had before you droped an album
Low sealing for the masses of dope rappers host of dope dealer that I know got broke ladders trying to cover both factors shit I can't imagine that math I'm just a highschool grad
But I know what matters is I gave it every thing that I had cause I'm a son and a dad
Trying to learn mathmatics for the groth I'm out I gotta hit the gym so we can film a video

Ayo scott

What up

I was wondering if you got the time if you could go online and look up and see if you can find me a gym


That'll let me smoke up in there

No problem

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