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Track : Loco

Artist : Coal Chamber

Album : Coal Chamber

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Nu Metal metal hardcore Coal Chamber alternative metal

Loco by Coal Chamber from album Coal Chamber

Duration : 4 minutes & 17 seconds.

Listener : 174183 peoples.

Played : 653663 times and counting.

[Verse 1]:
Steamroller rollin' through my head
Said, attached to loco
Power up coal through the system
Out to the right, said you're in my light
[Verse 2]:
Lock down the generator on, man
Screw down, use the system,
Use the main plan
Full power up to the point, man
Don't fuck with me
...Loco (x8)

[Verse 1] / [Verse 2]
...Loco (x8)

Lock down here, latch the generator on
Screw the system, full power,
Hit the main plan...

[Verse 1] / [Verse 2]
...Loco (x8)
...[Verse 1 (whispered)]

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