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Track : Lovelife

Artist : Atmosphere

Album : God Loves Ugly

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Hip-Hop hip hop underground hip-hop Atmosphere rap

Lovelife by Atmosphere from album God Loves Ugly

Duration : 3 minutes & 33 seconds.

Listener : 76478 peoples.

Played : 337257 times and counting.

Individually wrapped
placed in neat little rows
becoming a piece of everything that grows

Some numbers, a name
to indicate you played the game
came empty handed and left the same

A soul is a soul
and a shell is a shell
the border in between is full of everything you felt

Some cling to a cross cause they're tired and lost
they leave it up to the weather to measure the cost

And every time I look within I recognize the darkness
familiar to the image of the artist
staring at the bathroom mirror in a stranger's apartment
can't remember her name, don't remember how I got here

But here I am
thinking about death again
humbles out the stress
helps the breath get in
I need to check my friends
as well as my next of kin
to let 'em all know
I'll love 'em all until the end

And when the soul begins to reap
I think she'll know me from the sleep
I keep caught in the corner of my bloodshot eyes
and if she has enough nerve to let dump a couple last words
I'ma turn to the earth and scream
love your life

Love your life
quite cliched but I guess that's me
a ball of pop culture, with some arms and feet
As discreet as I've tried to keep the drama and cancer
it's no secret that I hunger for someone to feed the answers

I never expected a bowl of cherries
I'm just a Virgo trying to find my own version of the virgin Mary
and when I let them carry me to a cemetery
I wanna be buried with a pocket full of clarity

how many times must you prove you're an angel?
how many more demons do you have to strangle?
how much longer must you remain in this dream
before I finally figure out if you're insane or a genius?

Let no tears to fall from none of ya'll
just remember it all
the beauty as well as the flaws.

here lies Sean, finally free

And as I look across the sea
I smile at the sun
while it feeds the weeds the nutrition they need
the people still breathe
the city still bleeds
I'ma love it to death, and keep planting my seeds
I'ma love it to death and keep an eye on the seeds
I'll be in love til I'm dead I keep reaching the seeds
I'll give all I got left just to teach you to read
love life to til the death and keep planting my seeds

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