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Track : Night

Artist : M83

Album : M83

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electronic shoegaze post-rock electronica french

Night by M83 from album M83

Duration : 4 minutes & 45 seconds.

Listener : 64190 peoples.

Played : 224555 times and counting.

I don't see worth in sunshine and sparkling fountains
anymore that used to inspired me when I was young.
Now I adore darkness and shadows
where I can be alone with my thoughts.
I am from an old genre.
Time is like a canyon, a thousand nights deep.
Centuries come and just go by.
Centuries come and go by.
Not being able to grow old is terrible.
Death is not everything,
there's way worse.
Can you imagine
lasting centuries long
and everyday you must live through the same daily routines of unimportance?

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