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Track : Put It Down

Artist : Twista

Album : Back To The Basics

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Put It Down by Twista from album Back To The Basics

Duration : 3 minutes & 17 seconds.

Listener : 824 peoples.

Played : 2250 times and counting.

Recognize legendary tales
on a track from a certified +Po Pimp+
Recollect in the essence of that shit that I know you wanna hear
Gone especially if you smoke hemp
Come on and take a sip, of the liquor of my life
and get drunk off the way that the veteran get it in like he's supposed to
Terrorizin like a creature King Kong
when it come to gettin on a song showin why they chose you
Spectacular when I be killin them off with the words
I murder the beat so they gettin served like soft white
Off white, let me show you how a baller dress
Show you how we ride, show you what a baller talk like
Some razzle-dazzle with the words, look at how he said
Make the ladies love it and they all say "Hey now"
Put a hurtin on them from the way you kick it
Yeah you do it so smooth
But the way you put it down-down-down-down
You don't mess around, round
You're professional-nal-nal-nal
You don't mess around
But-but-but the way you put it down-down-down-down
You don't mess around, round
You're professional-nal-nal-nal
You don't mess around; you're dangerous
Pardon the intrusion
It's the real, peep script, check the style, I done started the illusion
of masterin me, that's what other cats attendin
but this here is patent pendin and still I'ma be improvin
Stutter steppin, struttin, rockin to percussions
Comin up with somethin just to show them niggaz they ain't fuckin with me
Up on a pedestal kind of extravagant when I be bringin it
by the remarkable amount of haters, if they want me come and get me
But don't judge me, cause I'm so strong
Let he who without sin cast the first stone
Cause I'ma simply pull a hoe card and flow on
Cause somebody told me to go hard or go home
New Twista on The Legendary Trax beat
Fresh for everybody, angel dust
Like what you get when you cross
Michael Jackson with Teddy Riley, +Dangerous+
Under my office desk I'ma get my dick sucked
Bossed out, flossed out, flicked up
Then I throw my wrist up
Get her tossed out, light up a cigar, leaned back, feet kicked up
Or get in like I'm a entrepreneur connoisseur
It's a mantra but still I honored to do her
So I'll maneuver
She rode it and put on a hell of a performance, don't even bother to boo her
Then when I go up in the party, I be, cocky
cause lil' mama thick and they bitches lookin hella pathetic
Pull up in the Benz or, probably, Maserati
and they undress her with their eyes like they telekinetic
Niggaz lookin at her hard so they all stutter
And bitches wishin they could take they clothes off of her
Classy girl, yeah I like the way you walk
Yeah I like they way you talk - but the

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