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Track : Renegade

Artist : (həd) p.e.

Album : New World Orphans

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Renegade by (həd) p.e. from album New World Orphans

Duration : 3 minutes & 28 seconds.

Listener : 20401 peoples.

Played : 131495 times and counting.

I'm a renegade
Back out motherfucker
You better tap out
Boo-hoo you crying baby
Where you at now?
Cuz i be lookin for you
Me and my people lookin ready
And we're lookin for truth
So come and get this
Make it hurt you know I love it when you
Tap this
put me up into a corner
Be a witness
Yeah this is critical mass
We invite the revolution
We ignite the power
See me
I'm still standing
I might be bleeding
But I'm still breathing
I'll never surrender

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