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Track : Scarlet

Artist : U2

Album : October

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Scarlet by U2 from album October

Duration : 2 minutes & 50 seconds.

Listener : 45540 peoples.

Played : 147335 times and counting.

I'm taking a trip real soon
and no you can't come
Not because I care but because
I enjoy your failure of logic
Gonna regain my bones
Gonna rename my home
with a chisel in my pocket I'm going
digging in the stones
I'll find my precious scarlet
and resurrect the throne
Rename the day and head the other way
Being selfish ain't so foolish
when you've got alwass
offering you the fives and sixes
On the arm
so fix all the problems and assume
the death march
they tell me this and I just
won't listen.

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