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Track : Sing Me

Artist : Bent

Album : Ariels

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chillout electronic downtempo lounge Mellow

Sing Me by Bent from album Ariels

Duration : 5 minutes & 15 seconds.

Listener : 13533 peoples.

Played : 69361 times and counting.

(Sing me) To breathe new life into each day
(Sing me) To keep the beast at bay
(Sing me) And let the day unfold
(Sing me) So that my heart will never feel the cold

(Sing me) When I am way beyond despair
(Sing me) Sing me calm, leave alone to repair
(Sing me) When I unravel and my world becomes undone
(Sing me) Sing me every song that's ever sung

(Sing me) Love with no more tears
(Sing me) Strong enough to face the fear
(Sing me) Arms that need to hold you
(Sing me) Dreams in which I know I'll save you

(Sing me) Sleep and reawake me
(Sing me) Say someone will take me
(Sing me) Sing so that our need is no longer
(Sing me) Sing because you make me

I can't make sense of it all

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