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Track : Smiling And Dyin'

Artist : Green River

Album : Dry As A Bone/Rehab Doll

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Grunge rock alternative alternative rock seattle

Smiling And Dyin' by Green River from album Dry As A Bone/Rehab Doll

Duration : 3 minutes & 23 seconds.

Listener : 13274 peoples.

Played : 27758 times and counting.

Only you make the grey skies black...
So why do I keep coming back?
Misery loves company, baby
That's why I love you
Going down to your kill ya got me
Turning blue

Judge a man by the company he keeps
My love, she's a party in Hell
Smilin' & dyin' all night long
My company don't keep so well

Only you make the grey skies black
Only you keep me coming back

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