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Track : The Restaurant Scene (Skit)

Artist : Three 6 Mafia

Album : Choices: The Album [Explicit]

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The Restaurant Scene (Skit) by Three 6 Mafia from album Choices: The Album [Explicit]

Duration : 0 minutes & 40 seconds.

Listener : 739 peoples.

Played : 1508 times and counting.

I say we close (pancho v)
C'mon you fuckin fag (dj paul)
I say we... (pancho v)
Wassup mayn? (juicy j)
Wassup mayn? (pancho v)
Wassup mayn? (dj paul)
Mayn this nigga got out couple of motherfuckin months (juicy j)
Nigga aint even holla at a nigga menn (juicy j)
C'mon menn, it aint even like dat i'm tryin to get shit straigh wit keisha and
da baby mayn (pancho v)
I see, the mugz 'n' flippin burgers like a motherfucker (dj paul)
Locked up 5 motherfuckin years (juciy j)
Got out wit domesticated and bullshit (juicy j)
Domesticated?!!! Nigga you cant even spell domesticated!!!! (pancho v)
Any wayz i've been locked up 4 years 11 months, 29 dayz, 11 hourz and 23
minutes (pancho v)
Mayn thats time me and my family cant even get back mayn (pancho v)
Cool mayn, whatever that shit is (juicy j)

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