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Track : The Wheel

Artist : Jefferson Airplane

Album : Jefferson Airplane

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80s Psychedelic Rock

The Wheel by Jefferson Airplane from album Jefferson Airplane

Duration : 6 minutes & 8 seconds.

Listener : 3216 peoples.

Played : 7452 times and counting.

We can be one world, we will be one world
In the jungles of the mountain
Young Nora loves the mountain
And the mountain feeds the people
And the wheel keeps on turnin' revolution

And the wheel keeps on rollin' firmly toward tomorrow
And the mountain speaks clearly to the people in the streets
And they sit and watch the motion watch it rollin' by
Some climb aboard and roll into the future evolution

And the wheel keeps on turnin'
It turns and rolls forever
The wheel is life and children and it
Goes on forever and it's roll, roll, roll

We will be one country, we will be one world
We can be one world

I dreamt I was in love again with the lady of the mountain
The lighthouse keeper's daughter the seer of visions
And I smiled at the pain of our innocent past
Of love on the wheel in the circle at the heart of devotion

And the wind from the mountain blew across our love affair
And awakened the heart to the roll of the wheel
And the night grew still and no wind was blowin'
I know this was the hour liberation

And the wheel keeps on turnin'
It won't go away, it will not be denied
And it goes on forever and it's

Roll, roll, roll, the circle is unbroken
We will be one world, we can be one world
We will see one world

Dreams don't die, they don't wave goodbye
Unless you let them go and watch them die in fury

Freedom is like wheat it must be planted softly
And watered everyday and it must be protected
I'll it multiplies and fills the mouth of the wind
And the hunger of all becomes invincible

Ringing from the mountain fire from the mountain
In the heart of the volcano, the future is born

We will be one world and it goes on forever
Rolling toward tomorrow in the streets of forever
And it's roll, roll, roll, the future is unspoken

And the wheel keeps on rolling to one world
We will be one world
We can see one world, we will be one world

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